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The vehicle to create a future for Aotearoa we can all be proud of!

Mission: Sovereignty, Self Sufficiency, Independence, Self Determination for all people of Aotearoa

Purpose:  To resurrect the ancient tribal body, ‘Te Rūnanga Ko Huiarau’

Ko Huiarau is an alliance to protect Ngā Hapu and Ngati Wikitoria and to sustain their wellbeing for current and future generations.

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Māori hold contractual treaties with over sixty international countries, and many of these countries have records that they traded with the Māori nation under the seal of GAT (General Agreement in Trade) and a Māori sovereign bank, called the ‘Awaroa’. This means Māori have direct access to these countries if approved by those who hold the mandate. Descendants of those lineage lines who negotiated, pioneered and sealed these contracts still exist, and through whakapapa (geneology), continue to hold the mandate to these authorities within an organisation called Ko Huiarau.

Partnership / Consensus

The Ko Huiarau vision is to work as a partnership alongside the Ngāti Wikitoria (Non-Māori who arrived in Aotearoa after Te Tiriti o Waitangi or the Treaty of Waitangi).

Hapu (sub tribal) lead initiative

Enrol today.

Ko Huiarau can proceed when 1% of Hapu have registered.

Hokioi - the Haast Eagle

Hokioi, the tapu manu (sacred bird) of the Taiopuru.  This giant prehistoric eagle was the largest in the world and only existed in Aotearoa.  The colours of the manu were adopted to represent the Taiopuru lines.

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1997 Interview - Derek Fox with M Forbes, Toko Waikato & Huatahi Niania

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Join us today, our voices can create a future for Aotearoa we can all be proud of!

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